What our franchisees love about owning a Merry Maids franchise

Happy Valentine’s Day from Merry Maids! In keeping with the theme of the day, we’re sharing the love. We asked the franchise owners within our national network to share what it is that they love about franchising, and owning a Merry Maids business.

Whether it’s being a part of an established network of friendly franchisees, or working with a trusted and dependable business model, there’s a lot to love about owning a Merry Maids business. As Nicola Morris from Merry Maids Fylde and Blackpool will tell you:

“What I love about the Merry Maids brand is working together with a fabulous group of fellow Merry Maids owners all helping each other!”

Tom Jackson from Merry Maids Dudley and Wolverhampton says what he loves about franchising with Merry Maids is the support from our network:

“The support from head office is good….but the best thing about being a franchisee is the support and teamwork you get from the other people in your network.  If it’s solving a problem or just ‘how’s your business getting on?’ there is always another franchisee at the other end of the phone or WhatsApp.

Seeing those league tables and finding out how that area is doing so well and what is working is fantastic for my business…..borrowing idea’s from Bill in Inverness…..asking Nicky in Blackpool what she is doing about a particular issue is invaluable

And of course I look forward to the social events where we can now get back to being able to meet up from time to time.”

If you’re looking to start a new business that will allow you to support domestic customers in a rapidly growing and highly profitable industry, make an enquiry with us, and join our network of satisfied franchisees today. Upon purchasing a business with us, you will take part in one of our comprehensive training academies, to help you get to grips with the Merry Maids values, strategies and methods. No matter your experience of the domestic cleaning industry, franchising, or the stage of your journey, we will be there to support you every step of the way.