Merry Maids Award winner Tom Jackson shares his secrets for franchising success

We sat down with Tom Jackson of Merry Maids of Dudley, who was recently awarded the coveted Merry Maids Recognition Award.

The Merry Maids Awards are back!

And they spelt victory for Merry Maids of Dudley owner Tom Jackson.


Well, not only has Tom, who is celebrating 20 years in business and the acquisition of new territory in Stafford, but he is also the proud winner of the prestigious Recognition Award.

The award is a credit to Tom’s hard work, dedication and commitment to the Merry Maids brand and his business and staff.

Merry Maids Brand Leader, Vikki Donnachie, said when presenting Tom with his award.

“[Tom] always has a smile on his face and is always there to support not only his team but his peers too. He’s very supportive and works really hard, showing commitment to his team members, including inviting them to Merry Maids events and meetings. Despite some challenges, his positivity, passion, and desire to grow are always at the forefront of his mind.”

She added, “He also often gives me a call from time to time just to see how I’m doing. Which I think says everything about him.”

Following his win, we sat down with Tom to discuss what it meant to him and to share his secrets for success.

Congratulations on your award! How does it feel to be a Merry Maids Award winner?

“Really great! It’s fantastic to be recognised by ServiceMaster and the network of Merry Maids and receive the first recognition award.

In the 20 years since I started Merry Maids of Dudley, I have tried to look forwards and help Merry Maids head office by making sure I attend all the regional and marketing meetings, be a part of the Merry Maids representation at head office and also make sure where possible I help out other newer franchisees.”

Have you done anything to celebrate your win?

“As we have recently purchased the Stafford and Shropshire area, it is a manic time for us looking at recruitment for those two licences.

But I have a senior staff meeting planned this month where I will ensure I thank my team for their help and support.”

How did your staff react to your win?

“The team thought it was well deserved as they can see the effort we put into our business and helping other Merry Maids throughout the network.”

In your view, what has been the basis of your recent success?

“I think the success is down to my drive to be the biggest and best Merry Maids in the UK.

And my desire to keep growing and pushing the limits of a Merry Maids business in the country.

The team have taken on board my ethos and desire to grow and be successful.”

Do you think being a franchise business has played a part in your success?

“The benefit of running a franchise is the individuals behind each licence area. We all come into Merry Maids franchising with different backgrounds and knowledge. The biggest asset is sharing that between fellow franchisees.

We are never in competition with each other. The shared knowledge and ideas are vital to making my area and business successful and profitable.”

How do you plan to keep up this momentum going forward?

“I have high targets and expectations for 2023 and healthy growth plans for my Merry Maids licences.

The senior staff in each area know their targets and my goals for the business.”

What advice do you have for newer Merry Maids franchisees looking to achieve success?

“Think big.

It’s not about customer number 1 or 100. Think big, keep expanding and take your team on the journey.

Share success and anything that didn’t work: we are all part of the same family of brands and want to grow together.”

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