Why do individuals want to work for Merry Maids?

The low skilled job market is competitive. Particularly following the pandemic, many businesses have struggled to recruit staff due to ‘fishing in the same pond’ as many other establishments. That’s because when businesses are paying the same, such as national minimum wage, there isn’t a lot to differentiate them from someone else.

Merry Maids are different.

We recruit staff by ensuring that are working conditions are favourable over other employers. Merry Maids businesses are able to offer:

  • School working hours
  • Flexible hours
  • No evenings or weekends
  • Paid travel time and mileage
  • Part time and full time contracts
  • Holiday, sickness, maternity and pension pay
  • Uniform, products & equipment
  • Training opportunities

Above all else, a proper form of employment in a friendly and professional environment. Exactly what is important to most individuals when looking for a regular source of income.

Our recruitment strategy also helps to protect the integrity of our business and the security of our customers as we hold proper information on our employees as they are employed and not self employed. This is favoured amongst the loyal, regular customers within our franchise network.

So not only does our well established brand and reputation attract customers, it also attracts employees too. Extremely important when it comes to building a business.

If you’d like to discuss in more detail the Merry Maids model, in particular recruitment – contact our franchise sales team today on 0116 275 9005 / franchisesales@servicemaster.co.uk