The first steps to buying a franchise

A franchise is a great route to take if you want to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. A franchise offers the benefit of an established brand, a proven business model and support in the areas where you need it.

There are almost 1,000 franchise systems in the UK to choose from and with that in mind, we’ve put together a few pointers to help you on your way.

Why are you looking at a franchise?

It’s important to know what your ‘why’ is. Why do you want to go in to business?

Here are some common why’s;

  • ‘I want to be my own boss’
  • ‘I’ve noticed a gap in the market’
  • ‘I can do it better than they do it’
  • ‘I want a better lifestyle for my family’
  • ‘I want to invest my redundancy/inheritance’

Once you know why, it’s easier to find something suitable.

What are your options?

Your options are generally narrowed down by the available territory, cost of franchise, commitment required and credentials needed to join. Taking all of those in to account, you’ll still be left with many options, you just need to choose the one most suited to your ‘why’.


Online research is a good place to start. Take a look on franchise directories, read published franchise articles, check associations such as the BFA (British Franchise Association), visit franchisor websites and follow social media channels for a broad and varied spectrum of opportunities.

For offline research, speak to franchisees, ask for advice from respected sources and where possible, utilise the services of the franchise opportunity for a real insight in to the business.

Enquire & Engage

Once you have narrowed down your search, enquire with the franchise brands that you feel most suit your ‘why’. Here’s your opportunity to continue with deeper research and to form a relationship with the franchisor.

Merry Maids Franchise are committed to helping you with your research to ensure that any decision made to join our franchise, is the right one.

Planning and goal setting in business

Planning and setting goals are very much part of your whole journey with Merry Maids franchise. We encourage and work with you to put plans in place and implement them, so that you can achieve your goals in business.

Here’s what you need to know;

Business planning

Before joining the franchise, you will be asked to create a business plan, and within that, you will need to share your goals for the business over its first few years and up to the end of the franchise agreement (5 years).

A business plan is also an element of what is required when applying for business finance, so do remember to make sure that it is as clear to follow for someone else as it is for you.

Goal setting

Goals in business could be related to anything, such as, a number of customers, revenue milestone or growth of the business by a certain amount, by a certain date.

When setting goals, it is useful to use the popular acronym ‘SMART’. Possibly the most common version that is used is, S for specific, M for measurable, A for achievable, R for relevant and T for time-bound.


It is important to remember that not everyone can be as motivated as you are because after all, it is your business.

Having a goal to work towards creates motivation not only for yourself, but for your team members too. A communal (or company) goal can help to motivate everyone, as the whole team contribute towards it, especially if there is a reward at the end of the tunnel.

Measure of success

Without setting goals in the first place, you would find it difficult to measure success. Achieving a goal is a strong measurement of success and often delivers a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction, both of which are extremely healthy in business.

For further information on the initial Merry Maids business plan or to discuss our common goals as a franchise network, get in touch today.

Virtual Discovery Sessions

A discovery day is an important part of the journey that you will find yourself on, when looking to partner up with a franchise. Traditionally, you would be invited to the central office, to meet with the key members of the team who would support you in your new venture.

However, due to the unprecedented situation that COVID-19 has brought upon us, we have had to look closely at how we can ensure that we don’t remove discovery days from the process entirely, but make them work just as well remotely, without the need for a physical visit

We are pleased to be able to offer virtual discovery sessions to those who are interested in finding more about our brand. Here’s how they benefit everyone involved:

No travel

A virtual discovery session removes the need to travel to see us. So, no time spent in the car or on public transport and no costs involved in coming to see us.

Reduced commitment

Travelling hundreds of miles to see us is understandably a large commitment, especially if you are not totally sold on the idea. By removing the miles between us, we feel that it’s much less of a commitment to join and decide whether the opportunity is for you or not. Nothing lost, but potentially a whole lot gained!

Added flexibility

From our point of view, because they take less time (we don’t make them as long because virtual boredom is a thing!), we can fit more in and thus hold them more often, so that more individuals have an opportunity to join.

More participants

Because of the reduced commitment, no need to travel and added flexibility, our virtual discovery sessions do get a really good turnout (although numbers are limited). It is always beneficial to hear from others about what they are looking for in a franchise and to listen to their questions being answered, as you may never have thought of asking them yourself!

If you would like to secure a place on our next Virtual Discovery Session, get in touch with a member of the team today!

Smaller investment franchise opportunities

A Merry Maids franchise fits comfortably in to the ‘low investment’ franchise bracket and because of this, it’s natural to have a few questions regarding what you get in return for the smaller fee. Throughout this blog we help to answer those common questions.

Do you get less with a smaller investment?

It’s a common misconception that you have to spend more to get more, in the case of a Merry Maids franchise that is simply not true.

Our starter pack includes much of what you need to get you started. It includes the training, marketing launch, products, equipment, systems and much, much more. The franchise fee covers all of these items, but you actually receive much more value through our support and expertise – it’s difficult to put a ‘price’ on that.

No brick & mortar

There is no need to have a physical location such as an office facility with a Merry Maids franchise. This substantially reduces the initial outlay in needing to purchase somewhere, or ongoing overheads for leasing premises.  Our homebased franchise opportunity gives you the opportunity to grow the business first, before investing in premises when the business naturally outgrows your home.

You don’t buy customers and we don’t sell you them

Some larger investments come with the promise of customers. Here at Merry Maids, we show you how to market to get customers, rather than giving you them in hand. It’s much more rewarding this way and you’ll find that you’ll build a stronger relationship with your customers.

Are smaller investment franchise opportunities really worth it?

The best way to find out if it is really worth it, is to ask the existing franchise network. Here at Merry Maids, we welcome you to speak to any business owners in our existing network to find out more before committing to our franchise. 

If you would like to find out more about our low franchise investment opportunity, Merry Maids franchise, speak to a member of the team today!

The Importance of Technology in a Franchise

Technology plays a huge part in business and we at Merry Maids understand the importance of having technology present throughout our business model.

As such we have invested heavily in using technology to:

  1. Help customers to find us quicker
  2. Help customers to buy from us more easily
  3. Help business owners to manage their business seamlessly


We have a state-of-the-art website that provides insightful content to prospective customers when they are looking for a cleaning service. The research and development involved before updating our website gave us strong recommendations for how we could build our website to better serve our customers, thus was born.

Our website makes it easy for customers to find out about us and contact us with ease, for further information or to book a service.


After a period of time piloting our e-commerce platform and making changes based on the pilot results, it is now LIVE and gives business owners the opportunity to capture business out of hours, but to also attract a savvier or more time poor customer who chooses to book and pay for their services online for convenience.

In just a few short steps, a customer can buy and pay for a tailored cleaning service for their property, all whilst the business owner waits for the order to come in.


BMS is short for Business Management System and is the product of many consultation meetings with our existing business owners for what they would need or want in a business management system. It has been live for five years now and is constantly evolving to reflect the current demands of a Merry Maids business.

BMS allows Merry Maids business owners to not only hold customer and employee information, but to schedule cleans, review management information and produce invoices, reports and schedules, all for an efficiently run business. It’s our bespoke system and is exclusive to Merry Maids business owners.

Our investment in to technology is a given and if you like the sound of being a part of an innovative, technology-embracing franchise, we would love to hear from you.

Ranking #27 in Franchise Direct Top 100 Franchises

#27 Merry Maids – Franchise Direct Top 100

We are proud to announce that not only have we made the Franchise Direct Top 100, (which in itself is a fantastic achievement), but we have secured a great position of number #27 in the rankings for our Merry Maids brand and franchise opportunity.

Getting a place in the Franchise Direct Top 100 Franchises is no mean feat, those who secured a spot stand out from hundreds of franchisesthat are currently trading in the UK.

All of the Top 100 Franchises share the keys to business success at any level including: a well-defined business identity, a clear business plan, a commitment to training and support, sensitivity to environmental issues, and the ability to innovate to keep pace with ever-changing social and economic conditions.

Franchise Direct used methodology that went beyond system size and financial performance, and in addition, considered a host of criteria including; system size, growth, years established, revenue, market expansion, as well as environmental and social responsibilities.

Merry Maids are delighted to see our devotion to ‘doing the right things and then doing those things right’ rewarded by Elite Franchise.  Our committed Head Office team pride themselves on providing the best possible support at the right time to our UK wide franchisees so that they can, in turn, provide an outstanding, professional, yet personal service to their appreciative and loyal customers.

Our focus on compliancy, innovation and outstanding business support (particularly this year), allows our franchisees to capitalise on the growing demand for professional, trusted and safe domestic cleaning services.  With enhanced products and procedures in place, and a fully supportive network, Merry Maids has a very bright (and clean!) future ahead!

– Steve Morris, Merry Maids Brand Leader

Our application undoubtedly ticked many boxes for the judges for it to be awarded position #27 in their prestigious top franchise rankings and is testimony to the work that we have done to build a resilient brand that continues to deliver money-making franchise opportunities to aspiring entrepreneurs.

If you would like to learn more about our globally recognised brand and franchise opportunity, speak to a member of the team today.

Marketing – How to get customers

One of the most common concerns when going in to business is how to get customers. A benefit of teaming up with a franchise such as Merry Maids is that worry is quashed! We already have a well-established brand, undertake national marketing activities and support you in undertaking local marketing activities. All to help you to bring new customers on board both at launch, and continually.

The Brand is the Sun

The Merry Maids brand has been established in the UK for over 30 years. Our logo and brand colours are easily recognisable and are consistently used in all of our activities. Why? Because it helps us to create brand recognition through repeatedly sharing our brand assets. When our brand is recognisable, many consumers associate cleaning with Merry Maids and as such, enquire with us.

Centralised Marketing

This is something that you may not benefit from if you didn’t join a franchise such as Merry Maids. We undertake marketing activities on a national level to bolster the effectiveness of local advertising. As such we invest heavily in our website, social media, and more recently in to our e-commerce platform, so that consumers can find us and buy from us more easily.

Local Marketing

Local marketing is often the most daunting bit for new franchise owners, but not for new Merry Maids franchise owners. During your onboarding we meticulously plan your marketing launch to attract customers for when you open. During your training you learn about marketing and how different marketing activities help to create brand awareness to attract new customers, brand recognition to retain new customers and brand advocacy to encourage your customers to review you positively and recommend you to others.


Merry Maids is a franchise opportunity where previous business experience is not necessary. That being said, we can’t expect you to market your business without a helping hand. Within our team of franchise professionals, you will work closely with the whole marketing team and in particular your Merry Maids marketing manager to build a local marketing plan, update your website, create any marketing material and to generally support you in marketing your services to your local customers.

Merry Maids is a sales and marketing franchise opportunity. As such our commitment to marketing is huge as it plays an essential part in helping to grow your business.

Find out more about our marketing efforts by speaking with a member of the team today!

Growing a team

Growing a Team  

When building your Merry Maids business, you will need to build a skilful and loyal team to deliver professional cleaning services to your customers.  

It’s important to choose employees carefully to be a part of your team as they represent your whole business and can help you keep customers, but can unfortunately help you to lose them too.  

What to look for 

The qualities to look for in a Merry Maids team member include being trustworthy, hard-working, professional and being able to follow instructions.  

Being able to follow instructions is a must, as you will train your team using the Merry Maids training programme which is supplied to you when you begin your business. This includes step by step videos and a manual to show your new team members the most effective way to clean the home.  

Asking for references is always a great starting place and can help you to choose a great team member, or discount a potentially damaging team member from joining your business. 

Where to look  

As a local business, it is advantageous to recruit in the local area. Not only is it great to offer available positions to the local community, but it can also enable more flexibility to the business as team members live close by. Team members are also familiar with the local area which is helpful when finding a property that has booked a clean.  

Advertising for positions locally can take the form of an advert in a shop window, local paper, social media community group and word of mouth. A combination can really help to fill positions quickly with the best candidates.  

Maintaining a happy team  

It’s much easier to keep existing team members than it is to replace them. Loyal team members tend to give back much more to the business and take responsibility for their role in helping the business to succeed. A high turnover of staff can give you a poor reputation to both customers and employees.  

In order to maintain a happy team, it’s always a good idea to ensure that you are a good employer by keeping your promises. Make sure that you pay on time, reward when a reward is due, provide great working conditions and listen/take action regarding their feedback.  

For your peace of mind, all Merry Maids franchisees benefit from support in HR and recruitment.  

Speak to a member of the team today!

Getting the most from the Franchise

Getting the most from the Franchise 

Being part of a franchise is a choice and every individual has their reasons for joining. There are costs to joining a franchise, but the benefits far outweigh these. Therefore, we recommend getting as much out of your franchise journey as possible.  


The support you can receive as a franchisee in all stages of your journey is truly invaluable. At the beginning you may require hand holding time whilst you find your feet in a very new world to you. In the middle you could feel a little lost and need guidance to get back on track to move the needle forward. Towards the end of your journey, you’ll seek to realise your investment and need assistance in preparing your business for sale. We’re here for all parts of your journey in whatever line of support that you need. Our marketing professionals are on hand to help you to sell the sizzle of your services, operations team to get or keep your business in tip top shape and our IT, HR and admin teams are there to support the whole business function.  


All new franchisees secure a place on our training academy. But as a franchisee, you also benefit from ongoing training opportunities in marketing, sales, business and much, much more. It’s not compulsory, but much of our training is complimentary and there to be used. 

Buy small and save big  

As a small business you may encounter poor economies of scale. Not as a franchisee! We buy big so that you don’t have to and we encourage our networks to tell us what they’d like to see in the warehouse so that we can buy it in bulk and pass the savings of doing so back to you.   

Network Meetings  

You are never alone in a franchise. Not only do you receive the support that you need from a world-renowned franchisor, but you also receive support from fellow like-minded business owners who have likely ‘been there and done that’. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet with them regularly, and upon onboarding, you will be encouraged to contact your fellow peers to establish relationships right away.  

Ideas Review Council  

We are passionate about ensuring our franchisees have a voice. As such, we have a panel of franchisees who have been voted a seat by the franchise network, to share feedback, issues, guidance, recommendations and praise back to us for action or notation.  

There’s so much to get from a world-renowned franchise such as Merry Maids and everything that we offer is to help you on your way to business success. 

To find out more speak to a member of the team today!

The Advantages of Franchising

Advantages of Franchising 

Franchising offers a great opportunity to go in to business for yourself, but not by yourself 

Plus, many other reasons that you may not have thought of.  

Established Brand  

For us, the brand is the sun. It’s at the centre of everything we do and everything we do radiates from it. For Merry Maids in particular, it’s been established over 40 years and is a familiar name within the industry. Having an established brand opens doors for you and can help you to secure customers who are looking for a name that they can trust, that has been around a while.  

Proven Business Model  

The phrase ‘been there, done that, got the t-shirt’ perfectly describes why it’s great to have a business that’s already made mistakes so that you don’t have to. Equally, the wins are noted and form part of the successful business model today. Going it alone runs the risk of making costly mistakes that can not only set you back, but make you bust!  

Economies of Scale

Being part of a franchise enables you to harness the buying power of a much larger organisation. We are able to purchase products, equipment and supplies on your behalf at a cheaper rate as we can buy in bulk and pass the savings on to you.  


We’re in it together, every step of the way. You’ll not only receive unlimited support from our team of franchise professionals, but also from an existing franchise network of business owners who are on hand to give support and advice when you need it. We encourage communication around the network and regularly hold gatherings where you can meet face to face.  


Merry Maids is a sales and marketing franchise opportunity. In short, this means that when you undertake local marketing activities, you will generate interest for you to convert in to customers and then you will repeat the cycle again. We are stronger together and as such, much of our marketing is done on a national scale with a local feel so that you get more bang for your buck. The best example for this is our state-of-the-art website. Have a look for yourself at  

These are just a few of the many reasons why being a part of a franchise can help you to realise your dreams of becoming your own boss with the comfort of an established brand, proven model and unlimited support of a world-leading franchisor such as Merry Maids.  

Speak to a member of the team today!

Mental Wellbeing during Social Distancing & Self Isolation

With many of us perhaps feeling concerned, stressed or panicked by the current situation, we’ve put together a few ways of looking after your mental-wellbeing during these challenging times. The below is not medical advice but aimed to help a little as you face life’s current worries.  

Connect with people  

If you are in self-isolation, you may start to feel just that, isolated. What better opportunity than now to re-connect with old friends, keep in touch with family and check in with your nearest and dearest. Video calls are a great way to stay connected but why not brighten someone’s day by sending them a hand-written letter? Also, a lovely thing for your children to do as part of their home schooling.   

Help Others and Offer Support 

Being there to help others can be a mood boost for both parties. Local support groups can offer suggestions as to how you can help your local community. Maybe a phone call to an elderly resident is needed or perhaps you’re able to pick up medication for someone who is self-isolating. Little actions can go a long way.  

On a larger scale, the NHS has implemented a campaign for “NHS Volunteer Responders.” This is “a new group that will carry out simple, non-medical tasks to support people in England who have been asked to shield themselves from coronavirus because of underlying health conditions. They will be used by healthcare professionals to make sure people who are highly vulnerable to coronavirus (COVID-19) are able to stay safe and well at home.” You can see if you are eligible to help via the following website: 

Relaxation techniques 

Colouring In – Not just for kids! Adult colouring in has taken off in a big way in the last few years. It’s a great way to practice Mindfulness and switch off from the world around. You can print out designs to colour in at home or even colour in digitally on your computer or phone. 

Yoga / Meditation – you can join in live via various online classes or YouTube have tonnes of instructional videos for everyone, from beginner to pro.  

Reading – why not take a moment to switch off and escape the world around you. Reading is great for focussing the mind and also a great way to begin an effective sleep routine.  

Sleep Routine 

Maintaining a good sleep routine is always important but with many now having a less structured day, perhaps it’s time to focus on this. It’s easy to fall into the trap of staying up a little later and snoozing the alarm clock a few more times when your daily routine is not so rigid.  

If you’re having trouble sleeping, the NHS website offers some top tips: 

With daylight hours increasing this Sunday, 29th Marchnow is the ideal opportunity to set a new sleeping pattern for the Summer months.  


Current NHS advice permits “one form of outdoor exercise a day, for example a run, walk, or cycle – alone or with members of your household.” It is also important to remember to maintain a 2 metre distance from others when outside. So, how does exercise boost your mood? Physical activity causes the brain to release endorphins. These are chemicals which, in simple terms, cause you to feel happier and improve feelings of well-being.  

If you are unable to go out at the moment, why not participate in an online exercise class. From circuit training to ballet, there is something for everyone! 

Remember to take into account your own fitness levels and health/medical conditions before embarking on an exercise regime. 

Content is based on the Government’s health guidance and Covid-19 measures at the time of writing. Please refer to the government website ensure that this information is current.  

If you have concerns regarding your mental health and well-being, further information, help and support can be found by visiting

Homeschooling from a Full Time Working Mum… How to Survive!

If like Vicky,  homeschooling wasn’t something that you had planned for, the below blog may be of use to you whilst you are trying to build your business and ensure your child/children gets the educational support that they need. 

Written by Victoria Tayler, Commercial Marketing Manager and Full Time Mum 

My name is Vicky, I am the Commercial Marketing Manager at ServiceMaster (of which Merry Maids is part of). I have two children, one of Primary School age and one in Secondary School, my challenge is to keep them entertained and somewhat educated while I work full time, from home (mostly) 

Keep To A School Day Routine  

To keep disruption to a minimum and help keep the kids focussed on their schoolwork, try sticking to a school day routine as much as you can. 

We are starting school at 9am each school day, and Ive found a fantastic YouTube channel ‘The Body Coach’ who are streaming live PE videos each school day. Take a look here – 

What better way to keep the kids active and get them ready for learning? If you want to know why exercising in the morning is so beneficial, this is a useful read: 

Scheduling The Kids Day 

Most schools have provided a good number of online resources, so why not structure your learning day/week into a school timetable. Evidence shows that children do best when they can follow a routine, this will also make it easier for you to keep on top of things.  

09.00 – 09.30  PE  PE  PE  PE 
09.30 – 10.15  MATHS  MATHS  MATHS  MATHS 
10.15 – 10.30  BREAK  BREAK  BREAK  BREAK 


Shhhh… I’m thinking of doing the Science bit at the weekend so I can have some fun too! 

Don’t forget, it’s also important to allow time for the kids to have fun and to entertain themselves, all work and no play is going to make this a long journey and well, we’ve got work to do too. 

If you are looking for more inspiration from an education point of view, below are some other links to a wide range of websites with homeschooling ideas.

Ways to Keep Your Kids Entertained 

Are you looking for ways to entertain the kids that isn’t YouTube or computer games? 

Make the most of your garden or outside space, we all need some fresh air and sunshine, yes, it is out as I sit here writing this, stuck in the office and looking out of the window. As we all need a bit of a break from work and learning, I thought I’d also share a range of websites with ideas for fun things to do, so here you are: 

YouTube Channels: 

  • Crash Course Kids 
  • Science Channel 
  • SciShow Kids 
  • National  Geographic Kids 
  • Free School 
  • Geography Focus 
  • TheBrainScoop 
  • SciShow 
  • Kids Learning Tube 
  • Geeek Gurl Diaries 
  • Mike Likes Science 
  • Science Max 
  • SoulPancake 

 This isn’t going to be easy by any means, I’ve already needed to remind my kids that this isn’t a holiday but hopefully this will help keep you sane that little bit longer and at least give you some ideas to help you through it.  

My Own Personal Favourites;  

  • Home economics – Teach them how to make a cup of tea, for me of course, as I’m busy working! 
  • Science – How washing up liquid removes grease from the saucepan and other cooking utensils 
  • Mechanical Engineering – How to operate a hoover, the kids always think it’s a hard job! 

Written by Victoria Tayler, Commercial Marketing Manager and Full Time Mum 

How to stay motivated working from home

Our Merry Maids franchise opportunity initially means the business owner can work from home in the early days to save on premises costs, so following these tips can help if you are not used to it!

Tip #1 – Create An Office

You may be tempted to sit on the sofa or lie in bed whilst working from home, this is a mistake as it will demotivate you.

Dedicate a room specifically as your office, away from any distractions, like Television or other family members/housemates.

Make sure your office is tidy and try and keep it as similar to your work desk as you can, this way you’ll get into your work mindset.

Tip #2 – Wake Up On Time

You may be tempted to lie in if you’re working from home, thinking;

“It’s alright, the boss will never know”.

Don’t be tempted! Wake up at the normal time you would if you were going to work, have your breakfast and morning coffee as you normal and start work at the time you usually do.

This will create in your mind the normal workday ethic and you’ll become used to it in no time at all.

Tip #3 – Stay On Schedule

Try not to change your normal working schedule and keep it as similar as you can.

If you have an online calendar, create personal events and reminders that tell you when to shift gears and start on new tasks.

Check your emails at the same times you would if you were at work and add in new tasks where you can.

Tip #4 – Stay Off Social Media

We’re always tempted with our personal mobiles when we’re at home, but you wouldn’t be allowed them at work, so why should you be using them when working from home?

A quick tip to help stay off social media is to log out of every account.

You might even consider working primarily in a private or if using Chrome, an “Incognito” browser window.

This is all of course if don’t work with social media on a work-related basis, and then you really don’t want to avoid going on it!

Tip #5 – Stay Connected

You need to make sure you stay connected to your team and other teams within your business.

Instant messaging and video conferencing tools can make it easy to check in with co-workers and remind you how your work is contributing to the big picture.

Here are few instant messaging and video conferencing tools you can use:

  • Microsoft Teams – If your business uses Office 365, Microsoft Teams has instant messaging and video conferencing options to keep you connected
  • WhatsApp – Of course WhatsApp is in the list, it’s the most popular instant messaging tool in the world and can easily keep you connected to your teams
  • Slack – A great collaboration tool that can keep your team on track to completing tasks, also has an instant messaging section to help stay connected
  • Zoom – A video conferencing tool to keep you connected, the free version limits meetings for over 3 people to 40 minutes at a time
  • Skype – Another well-known platform that can be used for video conferencing and instant messaging

For further information regarding our franchise opportunities from home, speak to a member of the Merry Maids Franchise Sales Team on 0116 275 9005 or email

Keeping Positive

In these unprecedented times, you, like many others around the world may be feeling a little low in spirits. Things may seem a little gloomy but there are rays of positivity shining through.  

We’ve put together a little blog on some of the lovely things which we’ve seen in the last few days in the hope of sharing a little happiness.  

Rainbows Pictures Springing up in Windows 

The trend started online, following the closure of UK schools on Friday 20th March.  

With the view of “spreading hope” the rainbows also provide a lovely bit of positivity for when you are out and about during your daily exercise. If you’re out for a walk / run / cycle, see how many are around in your area.  

Balcony Singing, Italy

You’ve more than likely seen some of the balcony singing taking place throughout Italy recently.  

Here’s one of the best video’s we’ve seen of music bringing people together, boosting morale and staying positive.  


Connecting More  

Many of us are downloading the “House Party” app. It’s essentially a video call app with function for multiple participants. It’s less formal than other video calling platforms such as Microsoft Teams and really simple to use. This app is really useful in ensuring that we still remain connected, even with social distancing measures firmly in place.

Support for our NHS workers 

On Thursday 26th March, Lincoln Cathedral will glow blue as a mark of support to our amazing NHS workers: 

This will be followed by the Nationwide “Clap for our Carers” campaign at 8pmWhereby, people across the UK can clap from their gardens, front doors and balconies to show their support and give thanks to doctors, nurses, carers, GPs, pharmacists and other NHS staff, working tirelessly to help those affected by the coronavirus. 

Supermarkets are already showing their gratitude to NHS workers such as in this clip from Tesco in Swansea, where staff applauded and gave flowers during designated NHS staff shopping hour. 


And finally, a brilliant video of staff at Basildon NHS keeping themselves motivated in these challenging times… 


We’ll keep you posted on our social channels of more positivity and other useful pieces of information throughout the current situation! Follow Merry Maids on Facebook and Twitter.

Existing franchisee branches out in to Commercial Cleaning

Nick Rayner of Merry Maids Milton Keynes invests in a second ServiceMaster brand

Having owned his very successful Merry Maids business for 15 years this May, Nick chose to further invest in the ServiceMaster family of brands by purchasing ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Milton Keynes. His new business venture offers a range of commercial cleaning services to all commercial businesses within his territory.

Nick’s Merry Maids business has grown in success over the years and Nick decided to take the opportunity to expand his business in the local area and branch out into commercial cleaning services and make the most of his industry expertise.

Being customer services focused, Nick has a head start when it comes to understanding and delivering on customer needs.

Having a domestic cleaning background with Merry Maids Milton Keynes has given me a customer related approach to business, therefore, I feel ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services is the right step to take”, said Nick.

There is no upper limit with any of our franchise brands and there is always the opportunity (where territory allows), to invest in to one or more of our other franchise brands within the ServiceMaster family.

All of our franchise brands provide a genuine opportunity to make money in their sector through our proven money-making business models. The addition of our support, established brands and experience makes for the perfect recipe for success.

If you would like to find out more about owning a ServiceMaster brand, contact the Franchise Sales Team on 0116 275 9005 or at


National Franchise Exhibition 2020

National Franchise Exhibition 13th and 14th March 2020

Merry Maids are proud to be exhibiting at the National Franchise Exhibition at The NEC Birmingham on Friday 13th and Saturday 14th March 2020

Here at Merry Maids we are a huge fan of spreading the word and sharing the vision for our franchise opportunities. We strongly believe that the franchise exhibitions in which we attend, allow us to reach more people across the country, widening both theirs and our horizons.

It promises to be a fantastic couple of days and not just for those considering buying a franchise but for existing business owners too. Over 40 sessions will take place over Friday and Saturday so even the most experienced franchisees should be able to leave the event with new insights. There will be informative sessions such as the “Growing Your Own Business” seminar featuring interactive workshops on topics such as PR, marketing techniques and sales skills. If you are attending, please visit us to say hello.

Attending the Franchise Exhibition is the perfect opportunity to not only meet us, but to meet other franchisors too. Research is key in the early days of a new business journey and is much easier if you can do much of it all in one go!

If you’d like to attend, you’ll need to apply for a FREE ticket. You can do so [HERE].

You can also book an exclusive 1-2-1 slot to chat with our franchise recruitment team and brand managers

Click the dates to register your interest for Friday 13th or Saturday 14th March.

We’re on stand C70

The National Franchise Exhibition 2020
Hall 7
National Exhibition Centre (NEC)
B40 1NT
13th & 14th March 2020

We hope to see you there!


Merry Maids – Top 100 Elite Franchise 2020

We are super proud to announce that Merry Maids are part of the Elite Franchise Top 100 Franchises for 2020

Elite Franchise Top 100 is all about celebrating superlative businesses across the UK.

It recognises the sector’s brightest businesses and ranks them according to a broad range of criteria from their financial performance and heritage in the industry to their contribution to the community and the way they embrace innovation. Ranking applicants from 100 to one, the guide defines the best opportunities in the UK, whether they’re a flourishing franchise at the top of their game or a budding business making its first inroads into the industry.

Be inspired, be in awe and be aware that the brands that make it to the Elite Franchise 100 are simply the best.

Merry Maids placed 63rd in the guide and was joined by fellow franchise brands under the ServiceMaster franchisor umbrella, ServiceMaster Clean (25), ServiceMaster Restore (74), TruGreen (83), Rosemary Bookkeeping (84), and Furniture Medic (97).

Merry Maids Brand Manager, Steve Morris commented:

Being included in the Elite Franchise 100 recognises the professional franchise lifestyle business offering that is Merry Maids.  As one of the top domestic cleaning franchises in the UK, MerryMaids has the experience and know-how to continue to grow through success and innovation, and the future is looking bright (and clean)!”


Merry Maids of Dudley go Stateside!

Merry Maids of Dudley go Stateside! | The ‘Dallen Peterson Franchisee of the Year’ award

Franchisee of the Year is the most prestigious award and a pinnacle of achievement within the ServiceMaster franchisee network. It is awarded to one franchisee who has displayed the highest achievement in the pursuit of excellence and professional management in the ServiceMaster tradition.

Tom & Julie Jackson proud owners of Merry Maids of Dudley, Solihull, Birmingham South and Wolverhampton scooped the award for their fantastic efforts in 2016.

The award resulted in an all-expenses paid trip to the Merry Maids International Convention in America to meet and work with other Merry Maids businesses around the world.

In October 2018, Tom & Julie made their trip to the states and here’s what they got up to…

We departed Heathrow on Sunday 14th October flying to New York for 5 nights to do some sightseeing. We visited the One World Centre, Central Park, Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, Liberty Island and the Statue of Liberty. We also managed to squeeze in an ice hockey game at Maddison Square Garden.

mm-franchiseAfter that we flew over to Buffalo and then onto Niagra for 3 nights to take in the bracing air of a very cold Niagra Falls (Both the Canadian side and the American side of the fall) and did the Maid in the Mist and Hornblower boat rides. Just to prove it is a very small world, as we were checking out of our hotel I met my cousin that I had not seen for over 30 years! As a Yorkshire-Man I like to talk so while checking out we got to chatting and found that not only did she know England, that she knew Yorkshire and the village my Dad’s family came from and then guessed what my mum was called! We even had the Americans in the queue listening in and said ‘it was wonderful’.

After Niagra, it was a flight over to Memphis and a much warmer 20 degrees. Much better than freezing Niagra! A day sightseeing and a paddleboat ride on the Missippi, then onto the start of the Merry Maids conference activities with a morning meeting with Donna the international Sales Director and the delegates from Duskin (Merry Maids Japan). We enjoyed a tour of the grand ‘Home office’ Building, which is MASSIVE as it’s an ex shopping mall. 

After that it was down to the True Conference. We were recognised on the stage on the first morning along with others for the long service award (15-year award). We then went on to the ‘break out’ sessions where it was interesting to see how things are done over here and what we could potentially take back to the UK.


On Thursday night we were invited out to two regional dinners (the region organises their own get together on this evening). We attended the Dinner for the Central region at the Bass Pro Pyramid.

Friday daytime included more long service awards and then further break-out sessions, before finishing early so that delegates could get ready for the Gala dinner on Friday evening.

Friday evening was meeting in the foyer of Home Office before walking over to the Gala Reception at the Peabody Hotel. During the awards ceremony we were called up onto the stage and presented with a plaque for the Dallen Peterson Founders Award ofExcellence. We even got to Meet Dallen Peterson who was there as a surprise guest!

Tom and Julie have been franchisees of Merry Maids since 2003 and in that time have built a very successful domestic cleaning business covering four territories including Dudley, Solihull, South Birmingham and Wolverhampton. This is the second time that they have won the Dallen Peterson award, the first being in 2011 and their latest efforts in 2016 may not be the last!

Tom Jackson, director, said: “We’re delighted to have received the award for a second time. We’ve been working hard to grow our business and continue to provide a fantastic service to our customer base and this recognition is testament to that hard work.”

Julie Jackson, director, added: “The credit for this award is due to our team who continue to put the work in and delight our customers at each and every visit, so well done to them.”

Here’s hoping for a third time lucky!

For further information on franchising with Merry Maids, call 0116 275 9005 or email

Come and see us at The National Franchise Exhibition, NEC Birmingham this February

Come and see us at The National Franchise Exhibition, NEC Birmingham this February 15th & 16th 

Merry Maids are proud to be exhibiting at the National Franchise Exhibition at the NEC Birmingham on Friday 15th and Saturday 16th February 2019 for the third year running.

The National Franchise Exhibition gives us the perfect opportunity to meet as many budding entrepreneurs and business investors as possible, so that we can find out more about you and tell you more about us.

It’s also a great opportunity for you to do your research in to other franchisors, business sectors, finance providers and the benefits of being part of a franchise who are affiliated with the bfa (British Franchise Association).

We’re offering exclusive 1-2-1 introductory sessions to learn more about:

  • Our brand & model
  • Territory
  • Projected earnings
  • Marketing & operational support

You can book your free, no obligation 30 minute introductory session by clicking on your chosen day and time. You will be redirected to your email browser to send us your preferred session by email. We’ll confirm upon receipt.

Friday 15th February 

11:00am     11:30am     12.30pm     13:00pm     13.30pm     14:00pm     14:30pm     15:00pm

Saturday 16th February 

11:00am     11:30am     12.30pm     13:00pm     13.30pm     14:00pm     14:30pm     15:00pm


If you’d prefer to meet with us at your own leisure over the two-days, that’s no problem. You can find us on Stand C45 in Hall 10 of the National Franchise Exhibition, NEC Birmingham.

Don’t forget to book your complimentary tickets, you can do so here.

We hope to see you there!

Merry Maids Franchise Recruitment

0116 275 9005 

Domestic Cleaning Services – All year round!

When going in to the realms of business for yourself, it’s important to ensure that there is enough demand for the services that you wish to deliver. Not only for the time being, but for the season, the year and for the future. 

Merry Maids are a global domestic cleaning franchise, and have been established for almost forty years! This would suggest that based on our longevity, that the need domestic cleaning services isn’t going anywhere.

It’s fair to say that ‘Spring Cleaning’ is a common phrase and is easily misunderstood. Some researchers trace the origin of spring cleaning to the Iranian Nowruz, the Persian new year, which falls on the first day of spring. Iranians continue the practice of khooneh tekouni (literally “shaking the house”) just before the Persian new year. [Source Wikipedia]

We aren’t just busy in Spring, we are busy all year round. 


Did you know that our most popular cleaning service is Fortnightly? Our fortnightly customers enjoy a Merry Maids clean home all year round and have the option to top up in-between if they wish.

We also do plenty of one-off cleans, whether they are for before a special occasion, after a special occasion, due to illness, a new baby, moving in to/out of a home or just as a break. Our one-off cleans fit in neatly around our regular cleaning customers and often persuade our one-off customers to have us back regularly.

The demand is certainly there, and with our proven business model, established brand and unrivalled support, you have the perfect recipe to grow your own successful Merry Maids domestic cleaning franchise.

For further information call 0116 275 9005 or email to request our prospectus