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New Year, New Start: The benefits of franchising

Ready to make a change this New Year? Why not join a leading UK franchise with Merry Maids? Happy New Year from all of us at Merry Maids! With 2022 here, many will be looking ahead and as a result, you make be thinking about making some changes in your life and career. If this […]

An introduction to new Merry Maids UK Brand Leader, Vikki Donnachie

Merry Maids UK has recently appointed a new Brand Leader: experienced franchise professional Vikki Donnachie. Vikki, who has just completed her second week at ServiceMaster, will be officially taking over the reins from Steve Morris in January 2022. Background Vikki joins Merry Maids with over twelve years of experience in recruitment and thirteen years of […]

A Croydon based cleaning company is celebrating after collecting a business award following the COVID pandemic

Merry Maids of Croydon scooped the Merry Maids Business Resilience award following the COVID pandemic. The award is designed to recognise and celebrate achievements in showing resilience throughout the pandemic to a business that responded in an above and beyond manner. Covid19 presented a multitude of challenges to Merry Maids businesses and employees across the […]

A Wakefield based cleaning company is celebrating after collecting a business award following the COVID pandemic

Merry Maids of Wakefield scooped the epitome of awards, the Merry Maids Franchisee of the Year award 2020 following the COVID pandemic. The award is designed to recognise and celebrate achievements in being a model franchisee and additionally in the following year, showing resilience throughout the pandemic and reacting in an above and beyond manner. […]

Why do individuals want to work for Merry Maids?

The low skilled job market is competitive. Particularly following the pandemic, many businesses have struggled to recruit staff due to ‘fishing in the same pond’ as many other establishments. That’s because when businesses are paying the same, such as national minimum wage, there isn’t a lot to differentiate them from someone else. Merry Maids are […]

Tips on how to run a business from home

The Merry Maids Franchise gives you the opportunity to operate your business from home initially, but how do you get the most from it? Here are 5 tips on how to run a business from home, effectively! Separate work and pleasure  Make sure the office/work space is totally separate from where you spend your down-time. […]

Why should you sell services online?

Online shopping has been around for some time now, particularly for buying products and more recently for buying services, but why should you sell your services online? There are many reasons, the main being that if you’re not a part of the digital evolution, you will get left behind! Here’s some more reasons as to […]

Retaining customers

Much of the Merry Maids model is based on not only attracting, but retaining customers. But why is it important to retain customers? That’s because the lifetime value of a customer is greater in a Merry Maids business because of regular recurring income. It is very much a numbers game of attracting and servicing more […]

The ALL NEW Merry Maids Franchise website

We are proud to reveal our all new, Merry Maids Franchise website. Its predecessor was live for a total of six years and has helped thousands of prospective business owners to learn about our brand and the exciting proposition it brings. However, we’ve learnt much more about our prospective business owners in this time and […]

Why Entrepreneurship increased during the pandemic

During the pandemic, entrepreneurs opened up businesses more than twice the rate than pre-pandemic. But why and how? Government financial help Firstly, the government recognised that there would need to be support available to help individuals to survive financially throuought the pandemic. This is because some sectors were forced to close and would need financial […]

What is a starter package?

If you have been research different franchise opportunities, you may hear the phrase ‘starter package’ quite regularly. A starter package is in effect, items that you will find beneficial when you start your business that are included either within the franchise fee or for a set additional fee. What might you expect? Products to undertake […]

Centralised Support

Merry Maids are one of six brands owned by ServiceMaster. Being one of six brands as part of a world-renowned franchise is beneficial for many reasons and one being that we’re able to offer centralised support to all of our brands. But why is this a good thing? Greater learnings – Having the six brands, […]

Advice to others from an existing Franchise Partner

Going in to business for the first time, or even in to a new business can be daunting. Fortunately when joining a franchise network, you not only get support from the franchisor, but also from an established network of existing business owners. Here Gina Glendinning of Wakefield, South Leeds, York & Harrogate shares her advice […]

Lower risk businesses

If you are new in to business, you’ll need to ensure that you’re not diving in feet first, rather dipping your toe in the water with the lowest risk opportunity possible. There are ways that you can ensure your business is at low risk of failure. Choose a sector where your services will be high […]