Advice to others from an existing Franchise Partner

Going in to business for the first time, or even in to a new business can be daunting.

Fortunately when joining a franchise network, you not only get support from the franchisor, but also from an established network of existing business owners.

Here Gina Glendinning of Wakefield, South Leeds, York & Harrogate shares her advice to those who are looking to go in to business for themselves, not by themselves with a franchise opportunity.

What can you expect going in to business? 

Always try to expect the unexpected, staff will undoubtedly have problems that will take them away from work and you can never predict the weather!” 

What rule should you always stick by? 

“Never to compromise on your core values, if you have provided a quote stand by it, do not sell yourself and your team short.”

What helped you to grow? 

“Recognising my strengths and affording me the opportunity to success using Merry Maids as my trusted advisor.”

Gina provides 1-2-1 help with other franchise owners within the network to pass on her learnings and experiences. This is such a valuable activity helping others to thrive and grow.

If you would like to speak to Gina, or any other members of our franchise ahead of pursuing your journey with us, contact our franchise sales team to arrange this for you on 0116 275 9005 or at